What, when and where?

What? Kodachicon is an event, commonly referred to as a convention or ”con”, for popular nerd culture.

When? 18 – 21 may 2023
thu. 10 am [10.00] – 10 pm [22.00]
fri. 9 am [09.00] – 10 pm [22.00]
sat. 9 am [09.00] – 10 pm [22.00]
sun. 9 am [09.00] – 1 pm [12.00]

Where? Polhemskolan
Trollebergsvägen 41, Lund
Entry from Rådmansgatan

Who? Kodachicon welcomes all ages but is directed mainly towards youth with interest in anime, sci-fi, all sorts of games and cosplay

You can contact us at our Facebook page or email us at konvent@kodachi.se

How much does it cost?


Membership discount


By becoming a member in our organisation, Kodachikai, you can purchase tickets at a much lower cost. Membership costs 70 SEK and means a lot to us as our funding is based on how many members we have.

Click here to buy tickets!

Tickets can also be purchased at the event, we accept card payment, cash (SEK) and swish transfers.

An administrative fee of 33% will be added when paid with cash.

Children under the age of 7 enter for free when accompanied by an adult

Other useful information

If you have any questions or need help with translations or directions you can go to the Information Desk where everything will be available: schedules, maps, rules, information as well as who’s who and what’s what. The Information desk will be manned throughout the day and evening. If the Information Desk volunteers are unable to help you they will direct you to the Office [Kontoret] where our management and administration is located.

For your convenience, we have a cloakroom where you can leave your coat and any luggage or items you don’t want to carry around at the event. The cloakroom is open all day and into the evening but will be locked overnight – make sure to check out your items before we close at the end of the day! We take a small fee, 10 SEK per item, for using our cloakroom: payment can be made by card, swish transfer or cash. Keep in mind that payments in cash will have an additional administrative fee of 33%.

Health and safety is important! We have a team dedicated to care for your wellbeing and comfort: our Care and Comfort Team [Trivselteamet] are always available and will be alerted to any incidents that may occur. You can always stop by their room if you’re injured or not feeling well, or maybe just need someone to talk to. Our team can perform first aid but they are not trained medics and can’t provide medical treatment. They will support and assist you in seeking medical care if needed.

In emergencies the emergency services will be called; don’t hesitate to call the emergency number 112 if you come across an emergency. Ask the nearest volunteer (or visitor) to alert the Care and Comfort Team after you’ve made the initial call, they will take over in handling the situation.

Eat food, drink water, make sure you get enough sleep and maintain your personal hygiene – that is a golden rule at conventions and you will likely be reminded about it at some point. We offer proper meals to fill your stomach and keep you going, the Snacks Bar [Kiosken] offers snacks of all kinds and we have a range of drinks as well. Water stations will be placed in each building and our Care & Comfort Team will happily serve you a glass of water (for free!) if you stop by.

If you’re staying overnight with a sleeping hall ticket you can set up camp in one of our sleeping halls (bring your own bedding!) and you will have access to showers at the sports hall across the road. Special arrangements can be made if public changing rooms are not an option for you. Be aware that the sleeping halls are not accessible.

Kodachicon is located in central Lund, 5-10 minutes walk from the train station. A supermarket and ATM are located on the way between the station and the convention, close to the train station there is also a pharmacy and a range of restaurants. Keep in mind – Thursday 26th of May is a bank holiday in Sweden, meaning that many commercial places are closed or only open for certain hours. Similarly, many commercial places are closed on Sundays.
A map with directions can be found on the page Kodachicon 2023.

Early arrival?
Purchase the early arrival sleeping hall pass for wed-thur! Set up camp before the convention even starts, get all the sleep you need and be first in line when we open at 10am on Thursday.

For more information, or if you have any questions,
contact us on facebook or by email: konvent@kodachi.se